Here is the long story of an extraterrestrial who participated, as a principal actor, to the implantation of the most recent human race on earth as told on his own. This happened about 35 thousand years ago. From his native world up till his arrival on earth; of his abrupt incarnation in the matter up to his rise to the evolutionary scale of earthlings; his journey informs and teaches us. His testimony can be taken as a fable or a true account, but this remains not less a reflection text on another possible vision of our origin. 
   The entire text is taken from my book ‘At the origin of all’ which I kept only the specific story of the life of the entity Naja which was decimated by small episodic sections throughout the chapters. The goal was to gather, in a coherent whole, his story so as not to lose the common thread which helps us better understand the reasons that motivated our creators. Throughout his life, it is also the story of humanity which we discover in the background.  

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