Here is my new inspired text that I am sharing with you. There are experiences that cannot be forgotten when it concerns a lost golden age. There are epochs of the earth which were splendours, which knew of civilizations which grandeur was measured in realizations and in gigantic heights in humans as well as their extraterrestrial creators.  
    The earth, in a far past and at many periods of its history, was conducive to gigantism thanks to exceptional environmental conditions. At all levels, life abounded, exploded in height and in rare quality. Grand civilizations could take off and this way, shine on the whole planet. Those cycles passed till great upheavals happened. The conditions were impoverished on earth following a series of catastrophes which led to a decline of all scales of evolution. The life fell in a survival mode. There will remain in the memory of lessened beings only vague souvenirs of a grandiose era where giants reigned supreme.
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