Here is a long reflection on health and possible ways of cure. It was written from a telephone exchange recorded with a person telling her health problems. I have expanded the theme to encompass all potential bodies and how to restore, maintain the balance in the whole according to a terrestrial global point of view. 
   Our health is before all under our responsibility. No exterior agent can come and affect our entity if we are in a constant state of balance. We have been created in a rare perfection with all interior tools to keep this state of origin intact. The power of cure in us only asks to be sustained and stimulated by our willpower. Our personal well-being should be a priority, a solid base on which we can build a future. A constant dialogue with all the parties even the tiniest of our different bodies is essential to resolve progressively the blocks, the dysfunctions affecting us.

    The source of all problems along with its solution is inevitably in us; up to us to discover them.
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