In the constant whirlwind of my thoughts, here is a pause written on a Mexican beach in 2006. Meditation, daydreaming or inner journey, no matter what name this experience is called, I am taking you in my immense universe to the meeting of my superior self. 
   The imagination has no limit than the one already contained in this universe. Throughout our internal journeys, we learn to discover our experiences and potential. Beyond our daily reality, we open windows that let enter visions of some other worlds, better worlds. We renew with our deep roots of the earth to better raise to the heights of the firmament. We identify ourselves to all forms of life that we meet on our journey. We even embrace their particular world from the interior hoping one day to be one with them. We also give the chance to each of our cells, particles of our bodies, to participate and live the exaltation of the transformation, the rise of our whole being. 

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