For a long time, I looked for a way to accelerate my evolution down here, transcend the long cycle of reincarnations on earth. It took me a long time to understand that time is a false barrier; that I could, as of now, unite with the realized being that I was in potential.  

    The beginning of this adventure started when I progressively established a link with an entity named Naja who seemed to be my global self. But what I hardly suspected was that I was to discover quite a story; the adventure of a being that came from another world more than two hundred thousand years ago; an extraterrestrial, not to mention it, having a life experience that went beyond all my real-life experiences and even what I could have imagined. 

    This book opens, first, on my own story where I tell what has brought me throughout the years to serve as a channel to this singular being that is Naja. The second part which covers the majority of this book is dedicated to Naja who tells of his origin followed by presentations of his acquired knowledge on multiple aspects of the universe. All is interspersed with extracts of his story involving mostly his descent on earth approximately thirty five thousand years ago and his ascent in our evolutionary scale. 
   This book forms a complete whole that responds to a multitude of existential questions by the personal voice of Naja. It also establishes a bridge between the spiritual concepts elaborated by the earth peoples and those universal elaborated by the extraterrestrial peoples and which are often incompatible in the eyes of the majority.  
   If this book becomes a source of reflection to you and maybe even an expansion of consciousness, I would be very happy.
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