I retranscribe here the information received on the reptilian race since, under hypnosis, I told that I was in connection with them since the age of 4; the age where they started to abduct me. With time, I learned to know them up to the point of being able to call them my friends even if that word has not the same connotation in their universe than ours. Often, the hypnosis sessions are the motor of releases that keep on well after the sessions and make go back to consciousness other buried souvenirs. 
    I could then identify their origin, the diversity of their species, the extent of their civilization and their way of daily life. Nevertheless, I am conscious that they have numerous ways of being that are difficult to comprehend in their totality so much they are based on inheritances much more ancient than ours. But this does not stop me from having great respect for their immense knowledge. So, here are my partial souvenirs on who are the Reptilians.
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