During many years of my long life, at night, I often found myself to dream that I was sitting in a rather special class to receive teachings. These arduous teachings concerned great principles of the universe and seemed without end as I never saw the time where I would finally get a diploma. Now at the age of 65, I don’t wait for an official paper anymore from my extraterrestrial instructors and even I allow myself from time to time to skip school.  
    It comes back into my memory, souvenir of my youth, the night when I received my first lesson which was very impressing by its novelty and strangeness of the context. I was still not apt to grasp the whole understanding but it remained engraved in my memory. It is all along my life that it will reveal its richness of teachings. It concerned the most important question, even primary, to ask ourselves according to my teachers at the beginning of our life.

    Why? We exist.
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