Here is the summary of a long reflection on the extraterrestrial race which is commonly called the Grays. It should bring nuances, or even a counter-opinion in relation to the mistrust or negative perception which is current today in many persons who are interested in the subject. This concerns also mainly their collaboration with other races in the role of abduction.  

   The respect of all forms of life, accompanied by an openness of conscience, should be the base of any desire of contact. This includes also the meeting with other terrestrial or extraterrestrial races. The discovery of different ways of life, new thoughts, should be a source of enrichment and not a concern or even a fear in front of the unknown. The great majority of people living in the universe care only about living in peace and mutual aid. It is up to each one of us to make the effort to perceive the difference of the other as a chance to evolve.
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