Tantrism is the name given to the art of primary energy manipulation in the body. My practice for more than thirty years of a form of personal tantrism has taught me that the same energy directed downward could give energetic orgasms and directed upward could give mystic ecstasies. 

   The primary essence which surrounds and travels through us permanently is the source of all creation of the universe. It is the fiber, even intimate, that weaves the whole content. It is so malleable and polyvalent that each entity can color it, transform it at will with a little sustained effort so that it realizes all fantasies. It can also be, in its ultimate potential, concentrated, accelerated in its vibration to engage the rise of our various bodies. This opens doors to superior worlds and the possibility to rapidly live in them permanently. But, at the point of departure, you must humbly embrace it in its most simple aspect.

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