Here is a text published in 2013 on the forum site ‘We are not alone’ under the original title ‘Do not read this if you are a believer like me’. It concerns first my opinion, then the opinion of extraterrestrials and spiritual beings regarding the use of nuclear power by earthlings. 
   This text is on the extent of consequences from atomic energies at many levels including those in parallel worlds. The presence, most important than ever, of certain extraterrestrial peoples since the end of the years 1940 is justified by the observation that earthlings now manipulate forces with little understanding of their impacts. To understand the subtleties and all colossal consequences, it should take an enhanced sense of awareness that their narrow materialistic vision do not allow yet to foresee. For this reason, many extraterrestrial worlds, entities from parallel worlds and spiritual beings became involved here on this earth to save this world in peril and their own, by ricochet. 
WARNING. Text with disturbing contents.
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