Through different adventures of my long life, in the winter 2004-05 during a stay of six weeks in a small village in Mexico, I started a series of uncommon experiences. The initial goal was to merge with what I believed at that time to be my superior self but turned out subsequently to be an extraterrestrial. Many of my experiences are instinctive and the reason of my actions does not seem a priority. 
    At that time, I did not yet know the term walk-in to describe persons who accept to be invested of a superior entity or extraterrestrial. Allow an entity to take more or less the control of one’s body is really an act of faith. It means to trust and believe that all this has its reason of being for the evolution of the two protagonists.

     I am an explorer who loves pushing limits assigned to earthlings. So, here is a report day by day of intense and intimate experiences that went on with this entity during that trip in the south.
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